Search engine is the most effective factor when it comes to having success with online business setup. Nearly 98% of online businesses fail because these businesses websites did not reach high search engine rankings. Search engines act as a bridge between the customers and businesses over internet. People all around the world are able to obtain desired search results within 5 seconds. People can directly pick up their cell phone, open the browser and type keyword. Search Engine Results come out on screen showing a list of web pages searched to relevant keywords used by the searcher. Majority of the searchers visit only first page search engine results. Only a few people reach the second page results.

According to Moz, having high search engine ranking for business website is key factor for the keywords which relate to products and/or services of this business. Being placed on the first page of search engine means that website may drive heaps of traffic daily. Today’s editorial published by SEO specialized Company shows in details some methods related to getting website on first page in search engine results.

Keywords – Using Google tools to identify the keywords relevant to a particular business for specific area or worldwide is popular approach such as tax return online or tax refund or online Australian tax return or online tax or tax return 2019 or Bookkeeping Services or Online Tax Return. Inserting the most searched keywords in website content according to certain ratios, image descriptions, titles and URLs is first step of professional SEO techniques. Keyword density defines the effectiveness of their usage. In the not allowed SEO methods, keywords that are stuffed everywhere runs against search engine policies.

Strength Linking – This starts with connecting web pages to each other for ranking them high in search engine results. Linking different pages of a website with each other proved to be an effective technique for quick results in terms of boosting the traffic towards specific pages of a website.

URLs – Keeping URLs relevant to the keyword rather than inserting numbers and symbols is the objective in this case because of search engine indexing and online user search direct link. Primary and secondary keywords can be used according to business owner desired target such as Tax Accountant North Sydney or Bookkeeping Services Sydney or Tax Return North Sydney.

Images – ALT tags is the key for SEO purpose. Keyword can be easily inserted along every image on the website showing search engine what it is about and at the same time, these descriptions link these images to the content on webpage. Visible text surrounding the image is also included in this case. This proved to be effective tactic with SEO Services Sydney Company.

Content – Good Content is king, as you may have heard several times in the past. Here where keywords having high searches can be inserted in professional and relevant way to be Search Engine Optimized in an effective manner. Don’t make the mistake of placing an outdated, untrustworthy and not consistent content which considered as spam. Provide good, engaging and educating information to the reader.

Linking Others – Getting engaged on other websites such as blogs to post links. If other trusted websites allow your link to be placed on their domain, it may take your web page higher in the search engine ranking with heaps of traffic being driven.

Social Media – Social Media Marketing considered a new business term; it has become part of nearly every organization’s marketing plan. This approach if implemented in an effective manner may bring a lot of desired goals in short period of time. Marketing methods in social media starts with existence of different social media platform and having an up to date page on these platforms. The list of these social media platforms includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and others. Second Step is setting affordable budget to advertise about services and products on these platforms. Every social media platform has a different way of providing these services. Facebook allows businesses to reach out to target market by identifying factors such as age, gender and location. Third step is writing good, consistent and relevant content on business page to be engaging for online consumer searching for products/services offered by this business. Some use plenty of images and videos related to their products, services and brand. This works if it attracts reviews, comments and shares from the target market. Last step is analytics; this can be done by using the analytical tool of social media platform or purchasing software services where management can conduct in-depth analysis of the social media marketing performance for some keywords such as tax agent Melbourne or tax agent Sydney.