Different types of Website hosting

Different types of Website hosting

Web hosting is one of the most common phrases in virtual world. So what is web hosting? What does it mean?

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service which will allow an organization or individual to make their website which will be accessible through World Wide Web. This is the location and home of your website.

At present there are lots of web hosting companies and they are serving clients from all over the world. So it is really simple to find a web hosting company. But is it all? No, this is just beginning. You web business completely dependable on your hosting provider company. Hosting Provider Company plays a vital role to increase and spread your business. Normally two types of hosting operation services are available. They are

  • LINUX operating platform
  • WINDOWS operating platform

Hosting service varies with the working procedure of your website. If you are running any personal webpage then single page hosting is enough for you. But if you are planning to run an e-commerce site then you must need to have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) hosting. Let’s have a look on different types of hosting services:

  • Free hosting service:

For this type of hosting service you don’t need to pay any money. Normally different types of large companies offer these types of free web hosting services to their clients as a part of their advertisement. But these hosting services are very limited with few features only. Not recommended for any business or organizational website. This hosting service is suitable for personal hobby type or biography type websites.

  • Shared web hosting service:

It is a common server platform which can be shared by lots of domains. Normally all of the domains share common resources as like as CPU and RAM. Basic features are available in this type of hosting but it is not perfect for updated features. Moreover this hosting service is not so secured and safe. Resellers sell this type of hosting service.

  • Virtual Dedicated Server:

This hosting is also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server). Here server resources are divided into different virtual servers. Here the resources will be allocated in such a way that they will not reflect the underlying hardware directly. It allows the users to get the access to their own virtual space. Here customers are allowed to maintain the server.

  • Dedicated hosting service:

This is a type of hosting service where users will get their own web servers with full control of the server. Here users will get root access for LINUX and administrator access for WINDOWS administrator access. As the users will get the root and administrative access so the users are fully responsible for the maintenance and the security of the server.

  • Managed hosting service:

Although the users will get their own Web server but still they will not have the full control of the server. That means users don’t have any type of access. Users may manage their data through FTP or other tools. The provider is fully responsible for the maintenance and the security of the server.

  • Cloud hosting:

It is a new type of hosting technology. In this platform, customers get scalable, powerful and reliable hosting service based on utility billing and clustered load-balanced servers. It is more secured and reliable as other computers of the cloud can support you if a single piece part of your computer goes down. At the same time, it doesn’t face much problem for local power failure problem or natural disasters.

These are the main type of hosting services. There are some more types of hosting services but those are not so effective. Besides these there are some specific hosting services which are also helpful and effective for clients. Let’s have a look on them:

  • E-mail hosting service:

Here users get the option to create e-mail addresses through a domain name. The email address can be john@(domain name). at present, different types of companies are using this hosting service to ensure secured email platform for their employee.

  • Image hosting service:

This hosting service allows users to upload images in a web server and create different name for each and every image. Then user can share that image with others by using that specific image link.

  • Shopping cart software hosting:

If you want to run an e-commerce website then this hosting service is mandatory for you. Clients of your e-commerce website will be able to do shopping smoothly through this hosting service.

Besides these there are few more hosting services. You have to select your suitable hosting service depending on your website and purpose. Don’t forget to select a reliable and trusted hosting service provider as the success of your website depends on the quality and service of your hosting provider.

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